School Dances

Tickets will be sold the week before each dance. Students who have been suspended within 30 school days and/or are in the expulsion process prior to the dance, are ineligible to attend. Please read the back of the dance ticket to familiarize yourself with RMS dance rules. Students are responsible for following these rules. School dress code will be enforced. No visitors or students other than enrolled Ranchero Middle School students are allowed admittance. A student may not leave and return to a dance. Parent pick-up is required after dances. Studentsmust be picked up immediately following the scheduled time of the dances completion (5:00 pm for regular dances, 8:00 pm for 8th grade dance), or the student will not be permitted to attend the next dance.

◾Students suspended 30 school days prior to a dance will not be admitted.
◾Students must go directly to the dance after school. You may NOT leave school then return to the dance.
◾After the dance has started the doors will be closed. NO early dismissal.
◾No bags, extra clothing, etc. will be allowed inside and must be left in the supervised area, so remember your money for the snack bar and pictures.
◾All food and beverages must be consumed in designated areas.
◾NO refund will be given for lost or stolen tickets.
◾You may only purchase one ticket for yourself by showing proof of ID.
◾All school rules apply and dress code will be enforced.
◾Violations of the rules can result in discipline action up to suspension.
◾No grinding, freaking, or sandwich dancing allowed.
◾A student may not purchase a ticket with outstanding debts.

Student pick up from the dance begins PROMPTLY at 5:00 PM. Any student not picked up by 5:15 will not be eligible to attend the next dance.