The library hours for students are 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Students may use the library for research at these times. All students are responsible for lost or damaged materials checked out in their name and are required to pay the replacement cost promptly. A Ranchero ID card will be required to check out materials. Students will receive ID cards with school photos.

2 books per student (maximum 4 if needed for research); Loan period = 2 weeks. Magazines and encyclopedias may be used in the library and are not available for checkout.

The library media center is part of the school campus; therefore school rules must be followed.

  1. Follow all school rules.
  2. No drinking, eating, or gum chewing.
  3. Always enter the library quietly.
  4. Do not go behind the checkout desk without the librarian’s permission.
  5. Handle all library materials with care.
  6. Return all materials used to its proper place.
  7. Return books on time.
  8. When talking use only a whispering voice.
  9. Leave the library in the same condition as it was when you entered.
  10. Keep chairs on all four legs.
  11. Never cut, tear or write on any library materials.

The library, classrooms, and the computer lab have internet accessibility. A student must have a User Agreement form on file each year. Students will lose their privilege with misuse of the internet.