Students are required to carry their student Identification Card at all times. Initial cards will be distributed with school photos. Replacement cards will be provided for $5.00 available through the counseling office thereafter.

Textbooks are loaned to students for their use during the school year. Textbooks that are damaged beyond reasonable wear and tear, lost or stolen will be charged to the student. Any student caught defacing a textbook will be fined and possible administrative action taken. Charges must be paid immediately. Transcripts and grades will be held until all charges are paid in full. Textbooks are loaned to students and must be used by the student to whom they are assigned. The textbook office is open daily in the library.

Each student has received a Binder Reminder to write down and keep track of all activities and assignments. The Binder Reminder also contains information which will help your student improve his/her organizational and study skills. A replacement binder will cost $5.00. Parents can use this handbook to keep track of their students’ expected class work and assigned homework. Binder Reminders also serve as the students’ hall pass which must not be removed at any time. It is the student’s responsibility to bring his/her Binder Reminder to school every day.