Dress Code

Students attending Ranchero Middle School shall dress and groom (personal hygiene) for all school activities with emphasis on: neatness, safety, cleanliness, modesty, and decency. Students shall dress in a manner which will not draw undue attention to themselves, cause a distraction to the learning environment, or in any way compromise the safety, order, and discipline of the campus. Students in violation of the dress code may be required to change into clean dress code loaners and will be subject to administrative discipline.

  1. SHORTS SHALL NOT EXTEND BEYOND THE KNEE NOR BE SHORTER THAN THE STUDENT’S FINGERTIPS WHEN THE STUDENT’S HANDS ARE EXTENDED NATURALLY AT HIS/HER SIDE. While the school recognizes the difficulty in finding clothing which is permitted in this instance, it favors appropriateness and disallows distraction and/or intimidation. The consensus is that if a student cannot find clothing which falls into the acceptable range in this instance, then the student should choose to wear other types of clothing which are more readily available for purchase.
  2. TANK TOPS, MUSCLE SHIRTS, AND OTHER TOPS WHICH ALLOW INAPPROPRIATE EXPOSURE OR TEND TO INTIMIDATE ARE NOT ALLOWED. This policy addresses appropriateness or dress in a school environment and the potential for distraction from the learning process. No under garments showing or low-cut, revealing tops are allowed. Some examples of inappropriate tops are tube tops, halter tops, white tank undershirts, spaghetti straps, and shirts with sleeves removed.
  3. SHIRTS MUST COVER THE MIDRIFF WHEN THE STUDENT IS STANDING NATURALLY. If the student’s midriff is not exposed when he/she stands in a natural position, the clothing is appropriate.
  4. OVERSIZED CLOTHING IS NOT ALLOWED. Clothing must be proportionately sized in relation to the entire body including, but not limited to, the waist, length, and crotch. Pants must be worn at the natural waistline and must remain there if no belt is present. Pants or shorts must fit at the waist. Pants with disproportionately oversized legs are not allowed. Pant cuffs may not be cut or frayed or rubber banded. Shorts which cover long socks are not allowed. Students will be required to change if clothing does not meet this criteria. If we cannot see a student’s waistline or the pocket area of his/her pants, we cannot ensure a safe campus. Clothing items which cover this area make it too easy to hide something and make hidden items too difficult to discover. While we can appreciate the desire for style and individuality, campus security comes first.
  5. SAGGING OF PANTS IS NOT ALLOWED. Pants must be worn at the natural waistline. Clothing must be worn as it was intended to be worn. All suspenders must be hooked. Wearing one pant leg down and the other up is prohibited. Boxers must not be shown. Students will be required to change if clothing does not meet this criteria.
  6. BODY ART MUST NOT BE VISIBLE. Tattoos must be completely covered.
  7. THE WEARING OF HATS OR ANY OTHER HEADGEAR INCLUDING SWEATSHIRT HOODS is not allowed in the classrooms or other school buildings. All headgear must conform to all other dress code provision; for example, no gang related material, etc. Only RMS UNALTERED hats or previously approved hats for sun protection may be worn out doors. Beanies may only be worn during cold weather. No bandannas or do rags.
  8. BODY PIERCING. Any piercing that presents a danger, as determined by RMS administration, is not permitted. No spike or sharp jewelry is permitted.
  9. SAFE FOOTWEAR MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES. Unsafe footwear including flip flop style shoes or footwear that creates a safety or health issue is not permitted. Soft-soled slippers, house slippers, or bare feet are not proper at school. Additional footwear requirements may be imposed on students in specific classes such as physical education and science.
    1. Any items which suggest or promote hate, intolerance, violence, graffiti, profanity, or obscene gestures; pictures; wording; are offensive; are drug, alcohol, tobacco, occult related; and/or are dangerous are not permitted. All clothing, jewelry, and personal items that a student has including notebooks, folders, book covers, magazines, drawing, pictures, gym bags, water bottles, backpacks, or any other item that include the above and/or disrupts the instructional process are not allowed.
  11. IDENTIFIED GANG RELATED CLOTHING No clothing or articles of clothing including, but not limited to gloves, bandannas, shoestrings, wrist bands. Raiders or Kings, “LA” and “Skin” labels and any additional articles of clothing or accessories indentified by Hesperia Unified School District School Police Department as being gang related which may provoke others to acts of violence or intimidate by fear of violence shall not be worn on campusor at any school activity including sporting events. Shirts may not be draped over shoulder or around neck.
  12.  CHAINS OF ANY KIND ARE NOT PERMITTED. Chains of any type which may be considered a safety hazard or used as a weapon are not permitted. Safety pins as clothing accessories is not allowed.
    1. Half shirts, bare midriffs, open-back, off-the-shoulder or open-side shirts or dresses.
    2. See-through net shirts.
    3. Tube tops and halter tops.
    4. Tight, stretch or spandex pants or shorts worn without a shirt, skirt, or second pair of shorts as covering.
    5. Strapless, spaghetti strap, backless, and/or low cut tops or dresses.
    6. Swimwear.
    7. Sheer or bra-less outfits.
    8. Bandannas or do rags.
    9. Cut-off pants or shorts that are not hemmed properly.
    10. Swastika or anarchy symbols.
    11. “69”, “13” or other gang related numbers on any clothing or accessories.
    12. Torn pants, ragged cuffs, or cut seams on pants.
    13. Shorts that cover long or pulled-up socks.
    14. Pajama tops, bottoms and/or slippers.
    15. Visible undergarments
  14. CLOTHING MUST BE NEAT, CLEAN, PROPERLY FITTING AND IN GOOD SHAPE. Cutoffs or clothes with holes that expose skin, clothes that are too tight, revealing, or sexually provocative, or underclothes are inappropriate.
  15. INITIALIZED BELT BUCKLES, UNSAFE JEWELRY AND ACCESSORIES, AND WALLET CHAINS ARE NOT ALLOWED. Belts may not hang down and must be worn through the pant belt loops. Only one buckle may be worn at a time. No oversize belt buckles or buckles with initials may be on a buckle.

Please remember dress code applies to ALL campus activities and school sponsored field trips.

ABSOLUTELY NO PERSONAL CD’S, CD PLAYERS, IPODS, MP3 PLAYERS, HEADPHONES, GAMEBOYS, CELL PHONES, CAMERAS or any item that is disruptive will be allowed. These items will be confiscated from students and returned only to a parent or guardian. HUSD is not responsible for lost or stolen items.