Cell phones that are powered off may be in the possession of students. Cell phones must remain powered off and stored out of sight while on the bus or on campus during the school day. If cell phone is seen by school or bus personnel, the device will be confiscated and returned to a parent on the first offense. Second and subsequent offenses will result in student receiving disciplinary consequences and phone being confiscated, only to be released to parents.

Permissible uses for a non-photo enabled, non-internet enabled basic cell phone are limited to:

Life threatening emergency situations anytime.
On campus before and after the official school day.
At the conclusion of field trips after return to campus if after the school day.
At sporting or other events on campus after the school day.
Anytime with the specific limited permission and supervision of a site administrator or teacher who is utilizing the device for the express purpose of meeting explicit curricular objectives.


Articles which can be construed as “playthings,” i.e., IPods, MP3 players, CD players, water pistols, magic cards, trading cards, poppers, yo-yos, and so forth, will be confiscated and may result in disciplinary action. Parents will be asked to come to school to recover these items from an administrator.