Academic letter grades are based on daily performance and attendance. Each individual teacher determines daily point values. In order to receive all possible points for the day, students must be fully dressed in PE uniform, be actively involved for the entire class period, successfully complete specific fitness requirements, maintain a positive attitude, and exhibit appropriate behavior.

  1. Students who do not participate in PE or choose to not run will be given progressive discipline and/or be required to stay after school for ZAP intervention and/or attend Homeroom intervention for PE. Students are expected to fully participate daily.

  2. Dressing out daily is REQUIRED! First and last name need to be printed on the front of the shirt and shorts in BLACK ink. Absolutely NO GRAFFITI or other designs are allowed. Clothes worn to school are NOT to be worn under PE clothes. This could result in a PE non-suit. School athletics or club t-shirts may be worn on Fridays only.

  3. Students may voluntarily purchase a RMS PE uniform for $20 OR bring clothes from home that follow these guidelines:

  4. 7th grade – SOLID black athletic shorts and a SOLID gray shirt

  5. 8th grade – SOLID black athletic shorts and a SOLID red shirt

  6. Shorts must be the same length as RMS PE shorts. No short shorts will be permitted.

  7. Loaner policy: Students may borrow clothes 5 times per semester. Upon their 6th and subsequent attempt to borrow clothes, they will be subjected to progressive disciplinary action by administration. In order to check out loaners, students must provide one of the following items: student’s bus pass, ID card, Renaissance card, or Binder Reminder. The item will be returned at the end of the period when the loaner clothes are returned.

  8. Non-suits: Referrals will be issued for any student using their 5 loaners in one semester OR arriving on their number without dressing out as there is a zero tolerance for students refusing to dress out. Progressive disciplinary action will take place by administration for non-suit referrals. The first PE non-suit referral is a warning. The second will result in a day of ALC. The third and subsequent referral(s) will result in Saturday School or at home suspension. Students that do not attend assigned Saturday School will receive an at home suspension.

  9. Parent notes: Parent notes to excuse students from PE participation will be honored for 3 days. A doctor’s note is required for a longer period of time. Students MUST dress out even with a parent’s or doctor’s note, but will be excused from the activity. All notes must have a phone number to call for verification. Students may use only three parent notes per semester. Any note after the third parent note must be from a doctor. Students are responsible for making up points lost during this time.

  10. Make up work from absences must be turned in within 3 days upon the student’s return to school. Students may get a copy of the assignments from the coach’s office located inside the locker room.

  11. On cold days, students may wear sweats UNDER their PE uniform. Sweats/sweatshirts must be SOLID gray or black. Other colors will not be accepted and will be treated as a non-suit.

  12. Any school sweatshirt may be worn on any inclement weather day.

  13. Undershirts may be worn as long as they are not visible and are worn only for PE.

  14. Athletic shoes and socks must be worn during PE. Slippers, sandals, flip-flops, boots, dress shoes and dance shoes will result in a non-suit as they are not safe.

  15. Jewelry is NOT ALLOWED during PE as it may lead to serious injury.

  16. Students will be issued a PE locker where they will keep their PE uniform. There is to be no sharing of lockers. RMS is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Students must LOCK THEIR LOCKER by remembering to “CLICK, SPIN, PULL” to be sure lock is locked.

  17. Students will be issued a lock from Ranchero. Students may not bring a lock from home or a key lock. If the lock is lost or destroyed, the student will be charged a $5 lock replacement fee.

  18. NO food or drink in the locker room! Defiance of this policy will lead to disciplinary action.

  19. NO cell phones, I-pods or other electronic devices are allowed during PE.

  20. Students are to report directly to their assigned number on the basketball court once dressed out. NO loitering in or around the locker rooms is permitted. Students are to stay in their assigned area during P.E.

  21. Students are expected to exhibit appropriate locker room behavior. Any student that is disruptive or defiant in the locker room will receive administrative discipline and/or lose locker room privileges for a specific length of time.

Download PE Policy Form (PDF)